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Discover how your image will be produced 

Professional food photography requires several important steps to produce the final images of your product


First you (our Clients) have to know what you want. What images do you want and for what purpose. A poster? A print? Your website? How many images do you want? What style and mood? What will you sell with these images? What is your budget? Plan all this and make a list of your needs. Having trouble with planning ? we will be happy to help you in this process and quote it accurately. 

Prop Styling

After this planning phase, we will start to produce your image: we start by setting up the decor and the objects that will be part of the final image, such as surfaces, backgrounds, dishes, cutlery. If necessary we will create them from scratch, according to your needs and budget.

Lighting Set Up

This is an important part of our job : create the right atmosphere with our lighting equipment. It allows the products and decorations to be correctly highlighted and to become appetizing. We make tests before the real products are placed on set.

Food Styling

Let's not forget the most important thing: your product... the hero of the whole process; the star of the picture. You make it or we make it. But in any case, your product will be treated in such a way that it can be photographed. For very large projects, we can call on Food Stylists.     

Shooting Session

That's it, the big moment has arrived: we can now take the final pictures. It's the moment of truth and it is limitied in time, because our products are perishable, or hot, or juicy, so we have to do it quickly and well. 

Image Optimization

The shots are now in the camera, but we still have one important step left: we have to finalize the images in digital post-production (cleaning, color correction, retouching, final framing, transformation into the right formats for your media, etc.). 

We can now send you the final result of all this process : images that will help you get more clients to buy your products.

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