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Bio Express


Came to Earth

1983 to 1987

Basel School of Visual Arts, as well as workshops in performing arts in Geneva, Paris and Lausanne.

1988 to 1991

Hotel Management School of Lausanne.


Got married (and three children came to Earth).

1991 to 2007

Management positions in the hotel and catering industry in China (Shanghai), USA (New York City) and Switzerland (Zurich, Valais, Geneva, Vaud).

2008 to 2020

Hotel & restaurant Consulting in the field of marketing, visual communication, education and business development.


Professional education in photography at Zürich Photography Institute, followed by numerous online specialisation courses with renowned photographers.

As from 2019

Full time freelance photographer

Earth, Sea, Culture,

Colors, Shapes, and Light, 

Smells, Nature, Terroirs,

Flavors, Textures, Decors,

Kitchen, Dishes, Meals,

Stories of Life around the table,


Food photography... is all about this !

And much more !

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